Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Campus Recreation Trans Inclusive Policies Round Up

When UC Berkeley unveiled its large-scale universal locker room in Fall 2018, they immediately set a national standard for inclusive facilities. The student-funded project with a price tag of $2.7 million is a dream for Rec Centers wishing to upgrade their facilities. Many Rec Centers are addressing the need for trans-inclusive policies and resources to encourage all students to access recreation programs and facilities.

While many California college campuses do not offer Universal Locker Rooms or only offer a single occupancy locker room, the CA Fair Employment & Housing Act includes gender identity as a protected class. The ACLU's interpretation of the Act is that:

In California, business establishments, non-profits, and government agencies that serve the public cannot discriminate based on someone’s gender identity or gender expression. [Cal. Civ. Code § 51(b)]
This includes:
  • Stopping you from using a restroom or other sex-segregated facility that matches your gender identity.
  • Asking you to provide ID to prove your gender in order to use a restroom or other sex-segregated facility, such as a dressing room or gym locker room.
Macalester College's Transgender Inclusion Policies for Intercollegiate Athletics, Club Sports and Intramural Sports Activities is available online as a PDF and provides a national model for trans-inclusive policies. Policies are reviewed annually by the Athletics Director and the Macalester Transgender Participation Advisory Committee (MTPAC). Topics range from guiding principles, NCAA policies on Intercollegiate Athletics participation, appeals process, confidentiality, club sports policies, intramural sports and PE classes policies, and inclusive expectations for participation in athletic activities (facilities, pronoun usage, travel accommodations, dress codes and uniforms, and education on gender identity and trans inclusion).

The University of Colorado at Boulder's Inclusive Facilities outreach includes videos for ADA equipment, Adaptive Climbing, All Gender Locker Rooms, and Ice Sleds & Walkers. Their goal is "to create a safe, accommodating, welcoming and open environment while providing equal, accessible and respectful opportunities for all."

Colorado State University's Campus Rec Inclusive Policies address asserted gender and non-gendered attire.
Asserted Gender Policy 
Individuals shall be permitted to participate in Campus Recreation programs, facilities, activities, and events in accordance with that person’s asserted gender identity.
 What does this mean in practice? 
  • Showing up for an event, program, facility, or activity is all you have to do to establish your gender identity and participate.  
  • No questions will be asked, no proof is required, come join us and play!  
Asserted Gender Intramural Policy 
Individuals shall be permitted to participate in Intramural Sports events in accordance with that person’s asserted gender identity.
 What does this mean in practice?
  • Showing up to play for a men's, women's, or coed IM team is all you have to do to establish your gender identity and play in that division. 
  • No questions will be asked, no proof is required, come join us and play! 
Non-Gendered Attire Policy 
In an effort to be inclusive of all personal workout attire preferences, Campus Recreation has an open attire policy. 
What does this mean in practice? 
  • Beyond our facility policies (i.e. no jeans, tennis shoes required, etc.), we do not require gender-specific attire within the Rec Center. Participants are encouraged to wear whatever attire honors their workout experience most, including sports bras, muscle tees, loose or tight-fitting clothing, etc. 
  • Within the aquatic facility, patrons are asked to wear attire designed specifically for swimming (no workout clothes). We also allow modesty shirts.
Iowa State University's Inclusive Rec outreach also states a trans inclusive policy regarding eligibility and participation in intramural sports:
All individuals shall be permitted to participate in the Iowa State University (ISU) Recreation Services Intramural (IM) Sports Program (i.e. Leagues, tournaments, etc.), and Sport Clubs program in a manner consistent with their gender identity. While sport programs are typically offered in gender-based divisions, ISU Recreation Services seek to provide opportunities for all students to participate in its programs inclusive of gender identity. If an individual or team is unsure of which division would be most appropriate in which to participate, please contact the Assistant Director of Intramural Sports or the Coordinator of Sport Clubs to help determine which division would most appropriately fit the participation needs of the individual or team.
Members of NIRSA may access discussion boards for helpful conversations amongst Recreation professionals.